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Tech Tips

  • Clearing Your Browser Cache
  • Debilitate Popup Blocker
  • Change Proxy Server
  • Step by step instructions to Avoid Getting Virus Or Worm
  • Step by step instructions to Create a Microsoft Account In Windows 8
  • Data fraud Safety Tips
  • Translating Speed Test Results
  • Keeping Windows XP
  • Keys to a Secure Password
  • Setting Up a Remote Desktop Connection
  • 6 Steps to Keeping Your Data Safe
  • Tips for Backing up Your Data
  • Tips for Setting Up a Wireless Network (D-Link DIR 635)
  • Investigating a Wireless Keyboard or Mouse
  • Investigating Your Home Network Issues
  • Utilizing Windows Safe Mode


  • Hard Drive Wipe
  • Skype Setup and Use
  • Refreshing Windows
  • Refreshing Antivirus Software (Norton)
  • Interfacing Your Digital Camera to Your PC
  • Refreshing Your Mac
  • Exchange Photos From iphone to a Mac
  • Physically Download Your Digital Camera
  • Change the Font Size of a Web Page
  • Physically Setting up Gmail on Your iPhone
  • Utilizing Search in Windows 8
  • Getting to the Windows Store in Windows 8
  • Interfacing with Wireless Networks in Windows 8
  • Cool Things to Do with Windows 8
  • Setting up a Connected Account in Windows 8
  • Getting to the Start Screen in Windows 8
  • Overseeing Apps and Tiles in Windows 8
  • Introducing Devices and Printers in Windows 8
  • Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 8
  • Utilizing the Charms Bar in Windows 8
  • Touch Shortcuts for Windows 8